File Preparation
Q: Bleed

Please ensure 3mm bleed is allowed where required.

Q: Borders

Please do not use borders around the document. A trimming tolerance of + or - 1mm must be allowed for. e.g. If you design a border 2mm from the edge of a document the end result may be 1mm on one side and 3mm on the opposite side creating unequal widths.

Q: Colours

Ensure colours are CMYK. - note PMS and RGB colours are automatically converted to CMYK and will generally produce undesirable results. Only use PMS colours if they are intended to be printed as such. This service is available at additional cost.

Q: Colour Matching

This is not offered as part of our standard service. The majority of orders are ganged together to achieve “economies of scale” and printed using industry standard density settings which may still produce a variation in colour, between print runs, due to atmospheric conditions and varying stock properties.

Note * Document sizes of A4 and above may be compared to previously printed orders, produced by us, if the client specifically provides a sample prior to the press run.

Note * Colour critical requirements for smaller items should be discussed with us prior to placing orders into our automated production queue as there are alternative solutions.

Q: Document Size

Your document size must be the finished size plus 3mm bleed. ie A4 297x210mm plus 3mm bleed all round

Q: Images

Images should be CMYK at 300dpi for the intended final size of the image.

Q: Ink Cover

Please be aware of the “Total Ink Cover” you intend using in your design. The heavier the cover the longer it will take to produce your job as this will affect trimming, folding and packing and potentially scuffing. We recommend no more than 300% coverage out of a possible 400%. (i.e. CMYK @ 100% each). You may wish to consider a sealing coat if you have concerns. We do recommend this for matt stocks.

Q: Multiple pages

Create multiple page documents as a single pdf file. e.g. Double sided business cards: page 1 = front, page 2 = back

Q: No. Up

Always supply artwork 1 up.

Q: Rich Black

To ensure a nice rich black use the following values Black 100%, Cyan 50%, Magenta 10%, Yellow 10%.

Q: Your document Text

Please convert text to outlines, curves or paths where possible. Do not use rich black for text. Use 100% black only.

Q: Trimming

To ensure a pleasing product we recommend that no part of your artwork lay within 5mm of the finished trim line. Non critical images and colour may bleed to the 3mm bleed line.

Q: Watermarks

Watermarks or images used for similar purposes, should not be set at less than 8% total ink coverage and not more than 30% where text is expected to run over the top.

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Q: Are prices the same if I don't send in the file

Prices may vary from those outlined on site, if a file is submitted via email etc, however a quotation will normally be supplied once we have viewed your file.

Q: How are deliveries made to my address?

By local courier service or personal delivery.

Q: Pick up - When notified by sms

pickup address will be text to your mobile

Freight Costs
Q: Freight Costs

Local CBD delivery is inclusive

Q: Can a sample of similar printed product be supplied?

Yes a sample of a similar printed product can be mailed at clients request (if available)

Client Referals
Q: Are referals available

CPGonline will at a clients request, provide client referals relevent to the product of enquiry.